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A better way to get through math class. We organize you based on learning style, and let you help each other.



Mathaholics Anonymous is a website built to streamline and assist the process of learning mathematics. The idea is, that depending on our learning style, certain math problems help us grasp concepts more than others. This website will provide a place for people who learn the same way to find problems that help each other learn certain concepts. We've also included a place for people to ask questions and for others to answer them.

An often overlooked, yet extremely important aspect of education, especially when it comes to a subject like math, that builds so much off of itself, is collaboration. Your peers know far more than you realize.
The essential way one picks up on a concept in math, is with a certain helpful problem. We all know that aha moment where you finally get something. This website lets you share the problems that gave you those moments.
Though we can all pick up on concepts using problems, the problems that help a certain individual, might not help someone else. The way this usually works is based on the learning style of the individual. Because of this, we sort you by learning style.

Mathaholics Anonymous really helped me through my problems with math. Not just giving me answers, but giving me solutions.

Graham Colwell

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